MRE Meals From XMRE (A Review of 1300XT)

MRE stands for Meal Ready to Eat and if you have never seen or heard about them then know that you are behind the times. MREs are typically used by the military for obvious reasons but are slowly being embraced in the preparedness market due to their simplicity and long storage life.

MREs are what soldiers eat when away from the base. They come from a long history of military food options meant to satiate and provide energy in an almost bomb proof package with a very long shelf life of up to 5 years without going bad. In this type of scenario, it is the consistency and taste that are the casualties.

MREs are utilitarian and if what you are expecting is a gourmet meal then you are in for a rude shock. People have been complaining about how they lack taste or how unhealthy they are. While it might be true in a sense, MREs were never designed to win any food awards.

MREs are primarily designed to keep you alive. You need to note that they are not prepared from fresh ingredients grown in your small kitchen garden or bought at your local grocery store. MREs are basically survival portions. All of it doesn’t apply to 1300XT XMRE meals.

Meals from XMRE (A Review of 1300XT)

XMRE is a brand famed for manufacturing MREs and even though they have many offerings, this review will focus specifically on the 1300XT. The 1300XT is intended to offer 1300 calories in a single meal. It is basically the same idea as other MREs but with the exception of having additional calories. Like other MREs what makes such meals a great choice for the military also makes them something that preppers’ should consider trying.

Once you open the box you will see a variety of new menu choice including:

  • Southwest Style Beef in Black Bean Sauce
  • Chicken Pesto Pasta
  • Cheese Tortellini
  • Shredded Beef in barbeque sauce

In each of the MRES you will get the following:

  • Beverage Bad: A hot beverage bag is included in every meal
  • Instant coffee: It is a single serve instant coffee + spoon
  • Fruit Flavored Beverage: Assorted or single fruit flavored drink mixes or others
  • Dessert: Dairy shakes. Dessert cookies, wet packed fruit, pound cakes, puddings, or others
  • Sauce/Spreads: Cheese spreads, fruit jams, fruit jellies, peanut butter, or others
  • Snacks: corn nuggets, dry fruit mix, nut raisin mix, or others
  • Bread/Cracker: Flour tortillas, snack bread, or vegetable or regular crackers
  • Entrée: Variety of vegetarian, chicken, or beef entrees
  • Optional Flameless Heater: 1 MRE type flameless ration/meal heater for every complete XMRE meal kit
  • Moist Towelette: Towelette with a sanitizing soap solution
  • Napkin: A Brown 11 ¾ x 12 ¾ napkin

If you are worried about your figure or are the kind of person who counts calories you are in luck since XMRE prints all the nutrition information on the back of every bag. MREs are also pre-cooked meaning that all you have to do is open the bag and begin eating.

What Are MREs Such as XMRE’s 1300XT Good For?

MREs including the 1300 XT from XMRE are what any responsible parent would feed his or her children if they had options without any trouble. The meals are designed to stay both fresh and stable for a long time even years, which means that you should understand that chemicals are definitely involved.

It would be more appropriate to focus on their strengths. First, they have an amazingly long shelf life of as much as 5 years but under the proper conditions. MREs also don’t require any type of cooking. Finally, they usually come will all the utensils that you need to eat, clean up, and even enjoy a cup of coffee later on. Simply put, MREs are dead simple to use and enjoy.

Preppers from all over the country are stockpiling MREs from XMRE in their homes since they help to augment their food stores. While MREs might not necessarily form the majority of most preppers’ food supply, they definitely have their place. In case of disaster and you need a quick meal to eat without having to cook anything, you can have the MRE.

Even if you are not a prepper, you can still use MREs from XMRE. If you aren’t a prepper but plan to go out and away from home for a couple of days, you can have an MRE. MREs can even be used to offer charity to others.

Final Thoughts/Recommendations

MREs are definitely a good choice for you but the quality of MREs from XMRE is outstanding and are therefore recommended for everybody. You can easily and securely make your purchase online at various retail stores and if you would like to learn more about MREs, you can view the official website.

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Each person gets into business to make profits. This is the primary motive behind every business. But, the path one chooses to achieve this goal relies on the kind of associations you are looking to get into. When it comes to business, there are numerous categories of associations that one can form and these can be differentiated on the basis of the sort of ownership. Read on to discover more.

A sole proprietorship is among the most common forms of business setups. As the name implies, this kind of business setup is mostly run by a single individual. Such a company is mostly tiny in size and doesn’t retain more than 10 employees at a time.

Several benefits have been ascribed to a sole proprietorship organization. For a start, the choice making process is usually faster with a single person in control. Any managerial or organizational costs are also noticeably lower. On the other hand but the owner does need to handle ‘unlimited culpability ‘. In other words, the owner is the sole person responsible in case of any loss or crises suffered by the company. He / she may also have to melt assets to clear any accumulated debt. So, the owner would have to handle the strain of a business setback all by him / her.

Partnership is another sort of business organization. These are nearly similar to sole proprietorship. The only difference is that they have more than one owner. In partnership, there could be unlimited or limited partners. The unlimited partner has unlimited liability as regards the debts of the company. From the other perspective, the culpability of the limited partner is limited to their investment in the firm. Hence if one of the partners wants to make a journey to the town of Wichita’s, the other partners can guarantee smooth functioning of the business.

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